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Ask the Experts: Ron Porter on SureFlow® — a 2-Pipe Alternative to the 4-Pipe Hydronic System

Welcome to our ‘Ask the Experts’ series — where industry-leading experts with the Climate Control Group, Inc. answer questions regarding new technology, discuss upcoming trends in the HVAC industry and provide innovative solutions for staying ahead of emerging issues.

Meet the Expert

Ron Porter, a System Application Specialist for IEC, explains the latest technology of a 2-pipe hydronic system and how it can reduce energy consumption and save cost while maintaining a comfortable environment for the end user.

SureFlow® — a 2-Pipe Alternative to the 4-Pipe Hydronic System

For new construction or renovation projects such as hotels, dorms, or condos, it’s time to consider modernizing your hydronic system technology and choosing year-round comfort with 2 pipes.

IEC’s new SureFlow® 2-pipe system reduces total pipe requirements and complexity while delivering a comfortable experience for the end user during all seasons. With 75 years of experience in building fan coils, IEC understands the technology driving both comfort and energy efficiency in building spaces.

The technology behind the SureFlow hydronic system is a customized fan coil with integrated low-watt circulators, which deliver water flow through the cooling and heating coils and back to recirculating water loops.

This allows the individual fan coils to be hydraulically isolated from one another and decoupled from the distribution primary loop, which satisfies the comfort requirements of a cooling-only system with one pipe (instead of two), or for a cooling and heating system with two pipes (instead of four). Ultimately, the result is increased energy savings, as the fan coil technology greatly reduces the horsepower demand.

In addition to increasing energy savings, SureFlow technology saves money and reduces complexity since fewer parts are required to operate. This means less upfront installation cost for piping and labor, as well as long-term cost of maintenance.

By simplifying and automating the selection and rating of equipment in a project, the SureFlow system provides an unlimited array of customization and special features to owners, contractors and engineers.

IEC systems can be customized to meet building requirements, with over 30 billion options to choose from.

Join us at the 2023 AHR Expo in Atlanta to hear more from the experts about SureFlow, or visit our website.