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Ask the Experts: Amanda Diaz on iGate® 2 Smart Thermostat

Welcome to our ‘Ask the Experts’ series — where industry-leading experts with the Climate Control Group, Inc. answer questions regarding new technology, discuss upcoming trends in the HVAC industry and provide innovative solutions for staying ahead of emerging issues.

Meet the Expert

An Engineering Director for ClimateMaster, Amanda Diaz has years of experience in the HVAC engineering industry. She understands the ins and outs of our latest technology, the iGate® 2 Smart Thermostat, and sat down with us to talk about how this tool will help move the HVAC industry technology forward.

iGate® 2 Remote Diagnostics. Service Simplified.

In recent years, smart thermostats have become a common appearance in buildings and homes, empowering businesses and residents to conserve energy, boost energy efficiency and save money every year.

And by now, most of us know how useful and transformational these thermostats can be in our daily lives — but what comes next? How can we build upon and optimize the energy efficiency provided by smart thermostats?

ClimateMaster’s latest iteration of this technology, the iGate 2 Smart Thermostat, places the power of optimization in the palm of the user’s hand by providing a real-time view of system data and schematics for performance, required maintenance and replacement.

It is the first of its kind to focus on creating a robust service ecosystem around the thermostat by also allowing service contractors access to the same real-time data as the owners of the device. This gives them the ability to provide remote commissioning and diagnosis and to perform live adjustments to the system operating parameters via mobile app and web portal.

Ultimately, being able to access and monitor this data helps ensure the system is always working at peak performance for its users.

When equipment is operating outside of its parameters, the iGate 2 sends a notification immediately to the owners and technicians outlining what the problem is. These notifications are detailed and written in clear language, allowing technicians to quickly understand what issue needs to be addressed and service a system without being on-site.

Owners of the thermostat receive the same warning or fault alerts their contractor does, creating an overall more transparent experience. Because all operational data is shared with our cloud technology, owners can be confident their system will be operating optimally. If an issue occurs, their contractor will be alerted immediately, reducing the amount of time the equipment is down.

As we look to the future of climate-controlled spaces, providing wrap-around solutions to the evolving landscape of industry technology provides us with new opportunities to move our industry forward.

It is critical to adopt technology like iGate 2 that offers secure and accessible data, quick service diagnostics and solutions, and a seamlessly integrated user experience.

Join us at the 2023 AHR Expo in Atlanta to hear more from the experts about our iGate 2 Thermostat, or visit our website.