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Koax - Safety Specialist


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This position is responsible for providing Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) support in various topical areas. This role also designs and implements programs to help identify and prevent injury in the workplace.

Essential Functions:

  • Lead EHS and manufacturing teams in identifying hazards in the workplace
  • Inspect and evaluate workplace environments, equipment and practices for compliance with corporate and government health and safety standards and regulations, maintain reporting accordingly
  • Design and implement workplace processes and procedures that help protect workers from potentially hazardous work conditions
  • Investigate accidents and incidents to identify their causes and to determine how they might be prevented in the future
  • Develop and implement employee training on a variety of topics such as proper use of safety equipment, ergonomic awareness, and emergency preparedness
  • Analyze design of industrial, office and other equipment to maximize comfort, safety and productivity
  • Partner with multiple work groups to control or correct potentially hazardous conditions or equipment
  • Inspecting workplaces for chemical, physical and biological hazards
  • Perform routine safety and compliance inspections

Skills & Abilities

Education: Bachelor’s degree in occupational health, safety or related technical field is required.

Experience: Minimum of 3 years’ EHS experience in a manufacturing environment is preferred.

Computer Skills: Skilled with MS Office suite and working knowledge of REBA and NIOSH Lifting Equation methods and tools for ergonomic analysis.

Other Requirements: Detail-oriented and a high level of problem-solving skills. Skill in performing safety inspections and ensuring compliance with OSHA safety standards. Ability to react calmly and effectively in emergency situations.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit resume to HR.

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