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The candidate will be a key member of the ClimateMaster engineering organization responsible for design, development and implementation of HVAC products that meet or exceed best-in-class performance and reliability targets across multiple platforms and product families, as well as manufacturing support for existing products. The candidate will play a critical role in product development, sustaining and cost reduction projects; interface with customers, suppliers, technical support personnel, field engineers and relevant internal ClimateMaster functions such as manufacturing, quality, supply chain, sales and marketing. The candidate will employ a balanced combination of advanced analytical techniques and experimental methods. The applicant will have access to the test laboratory and model shop facilities and will have hands-on experience with operation of laboratory equipment and test stands. The applicant will support manufacturing operations and technical service personnel. The candidate will work in the cross-functional team environment and will closely collaborate with the ClimateMaster technical personnel. The candidate will have firsthand knowledge and adequate experience in the areas of HVAC system design and applications, manufacturing and assembly methods, industry standards and agency compliance, thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, controls, compression, air management, aeroacoustics, structural analysis, design for manufacturing and assembly, DAQ and experimental techniques and simulation tools. The candidate will have familiarity with new product development (NPD) process and operational excellence (OPEX) culture. The candidate will be involved in establishing the standardization principles and technical discipline rigor across the company and will utilize synergistic approach to support comprehensive product offerings. Throughout his/her career, the candidate will have technical and project management assignments of increasing responsibility to be able to grow professionally and become a critical contributor to strategic ClimateMaster initiatives.

Essential Functions:

  • Participate NPD and technology integration programs, sustaining and cost reduction initiatives
  • Assume ownership for maintenance and updates for purchased part engineering drawings, standards and specifications
  • Provide technical expertise and support to manufacturing, sales & marketing, quality and supply chain functions
  • Interface with vendors, customers and field personnel
  • Design, optimize and qualify HVAC systems employing standard work, advanced analytical methods and experimental techniques
  • Manage product qualification and agency compliance test programs
  • Conduct analytical studies employing state-of-the-art simulation tools
  • Assume responsibility for reliability growth and productivity improvement opportunities
  • Generate technical specifications, summary reports and standard work instructions
  • Conduct presentations for technical and business personnel
  • Interface with regulatory agencies and test agencies such as ASHRAE, AHRI, UL and ETL

Skills & Abilities:

Education: Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering required, with a preferred emphasis on HVAC system design; Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering with an equivalent course concentration will be considered

Experience: Minimum of 5 years with HVAC system design and applications; minimum 1 year in project management

Computer Skills: Experience in state-of-the-art simulation tools; familiarity with computer programming languages, LabView, EES. MatLab, CFD and FEA is a plus. Familiarity with the engineering level office productivity software

Other Requirements:

  • Knowledge of new product development, design for 6 sigma and design for manufacturing and assembly
  • Knowledge of industry standards and agency compliance
  • Knowledge of HVAC system and applications; intimate familiarity with the system components design, integration and interactions
  • Familiarity with advanced experimental techniques, instrumentation, calibration, measurement systems, uncertainty analysis, and DoE concepts
  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and heat exchanger design
  • Knowledge of manufacturing methods used in HVAC&R field; industrial experience is a plus but not required
  • Experience in state-of-the-art simulation tools; familiarity with computer programming languages, EES, LabView, MatLab, CFD and FEA is a plus



If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit resume to [email protected].

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