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The Operational Excellence (OpEx) Leader will act as the organizational leader of Business Process Improvement and OpEx deployment. This is a key leadership role in the implementation of OpEx at the business level including OpEx training, project selection, project leadership, and guidance of key business leaders. The OpEx Leader is a change agent responsible for leading the organization into a data driven, team-oriented culture that embraces continuous improvement and ensures the implementation of such in all business functions across the organization. The OpEx Leader will work with the Business Site Level leadership to lead and guide all initiatives within the organization and facilitate weekly/monthly & quarterly operational performance reviews of results and benefits achieved. The OpEx Leader will facilitate the sharing of "best practices" methods and ideas across the organization, promote a continuous learning environment and ensure ongoing training and development of all Operations Department resources in the principles, techniques and methodologies of OpEx. The OpEx Leader will empower every employee through positive reinforcement of team oriented continuous improvement.

Essential Functions:

  • Translates business vision and strategy into operational tactics; builds the organizational support and infrastructure needed to achieve them, including development of service delivery offerings in collaboration with the leadership team for the assigned vertical.
  • Initiates and oversees business transformation and productivity initiatives in a manner that systematically improves operational execution and delivers an excellent student experience.
  • Manages all aspects of operational efficiency projects, demonstrating a program management expertise.
  • Design, develops and implements plans that create a flexible and efficient global operational model that is scalable with organizational growth.
  • Supports and develops plans, budgets, and necessary resource allocation; able to effectively implement mid-course corrections based on ever-changing business needs.
  • Establishes and maintains key business metrics/measurements (KPIs) to ensure optimum performance and develop a reporting process to utilize the metrics to drive operational improvements.
  • Leads, inspires and develops a talented team in a collaborative environment that supports the strategic and future needs of the business and drives for efficiencies and improves effectiveness.
  • Leads the Business Innovation & Transformation team in the design, planning, optimization and implementation of new operational process workflows that support the business’s growth initiatives, new products and services.
  • Creates cohesive, cross functional teams that are willing and capable of taking the operational organizational excellence forward. Fosters a culture of student centeredness and continuous operational improvement.
  • Develops objectives, (short and long term), and manages the day-to-day efforts of the teams to ensure a high level of responsiveness, flexibility, and efficiency in achieving goals in a results-driven environment.
  • Builds strong, collaborative relationships throughout the assigned vertical/business unit; works in a cooperative and collaborative relationship with divisional team(s).

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